Sunday, May 18, 2014

Macaron Art

If anyone knows us they know that we can't just 
be normal. At With Love & Confection we always think outside the box. We love to put our own artistic twist on everything we make. I first taught myself how to make Macarons in December 2012 (before the bakery opened) for an order placed by my shop land lady, Ann Masters. After we opened and I got the hang of making the traditional round macarons I wanted to design some shaped macarons. In December 2013 I started to develop my technique of creating different shaped macarons for Christmas.

Here is my adorable snowman macaron all in vanilla! 
He was a favorite of our dear friend Francine Bryson of The American Baking Competition.

Here is my gingerbread man macaron flavored just like gingerbread cookies and filled with white chocolate buttercream. 

And my Christmas tree macarons!

When Valentine's day came around this is what happened...

Lots of hearts!

Conversation Hearts and Red Velvet Hearts!

Of course I had to make some shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day!
Filled with Bailey's Irish Cream Ganache.

When spring came, again, macaron dreams started hopping, buzzing and fluttering around inside my head...

Our Easter Macarons were featured on Studio 62 with our friend Jamarcus Gaston.

 The bumble bees seemed to be a shop favorite.
Can't decide which is my fave!
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Lot's of Love,
Veronica Arthur

All macarons at With Love & Confection are made with love by self-taught pastry artist,
Veronica Arthur.

WL&C is located at
838 Powdersville Rd STE I
Easley, SC 29642


Monday, March 31, 2014

We're Mad About Macarons!

At With Love & Confection we are MAD ABOUT MACARONS!
We are so excited about our job of introducing our great city of Easley, SC to these delicate little pastries! We are so thankful for this opportunity and for all the support and compliments our great fans send our way! You really are our inspiration!

When it comes to wedding cakes, todays bride has so many yummy and creative options to choose from. The latest cake craze is the macaron wedding cake and we couldn't be more excited! Here we created a simple macaron encrusted cake with a hand sculpted gumpaste flower.

Recently, WL&C was invited to share our macaron wedding cakes on the 
Carolina Now Show with Jamarcus. 

For the past few weeks we have been busy at our Sweet Boutique. We have been experimenting with hazelnut meal and the macarons that we created were a hit.
Here we have our Hazelnut Latte Macarons made with ground hazelnut meal instead of the traditional almond meal.

Nutella Macarons made with ground hazelnut meal and filled with Nutella

Red Velvet Macarons with Cream Cheese Filling

Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Macarons filled with real cheesecake! 

Ha! Isn't this funny? Some of my macarons turned out a little "topsy turvy" but most turned out just right. All on the same tray using the same batter! Macarons can be such little brats!

For St. Patrick's Day we created these Shamrock Macarons with Bailey's Irish Cream Ganache.

Raspberry Rose Macarons

All Macarons at With Love & Confection are made with love by Veronica Arthur.

Thank you for stopping by and have a macaron filled day! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Simply Swoon Over Macarons!

The first time I ever laid eyes on French Macarons I simply swooned. They are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. When my hubby and I decided to open a bakery store front I became determined to master the art of the macaron. Little did I know that we would become Easley's first Macaronier. Now we have inspired other bakeries and home bakers in the Easley area to learn this art. My staff and I have also had the pleasure of introducing and educating the people of Easley about this sweet delicacy. We love to see the expressions on people's faces when they have their first taste of a French macaron! We have had many requests to ship our macarons around the world and are working to achieve this. This blog is where I will record my journey to perfecting and creating the best macarons in South Carolina.
Lavender Vanilla Macarons by Veronica Arthur owner of With Love & Confection.
Styling and Photography by Veronica Arthur.

Vanilla Snowflake Macarons by Veronica Arthur. Photography by Veronica Arthur.
I'm honored to say that these have inspired local photographers.
During Christmas 2013 our decorated and shaped macarons became an Easley phenomenon! We could hardly keep up with the demand! We expect 2014 to be even bigger! 

Gingerbread Man Macarons are an original macaron creation by Veronica Arthur. These were a huge hit during Christmas!

Christmas Tree Macarons by Veronica Arthur.
Styling and photography by Veronica Arthur

Snowman Macarons by Veronica Arthur at With Love & Confection.
Photography by Veronica Arthur.

Earl Grey Tea macarons with Honey Buttercream filling.
Made with local honey from Bee Well Honey in Pickens, SC.
Photography by Veronica Arthur

Chai Tea Macarons with Cinnamon Buttercream Filling.

Conversation Heart Macarons are an original creation by Veronica Arthur.

Macaron pops dipped in white chocolate.

Red Velvet Heart Macarons with Cream Cheese filling.

French Macarons by With Love & Confection.
Lavender, Earl Grey Tea, Marshmallow, Chocolate Mint.

Marshmallow Macarons with scratch made marshmallow filling.
An original macaron creation by With Love & Confection.


The next few images are of my very first macarons made in December 2012. I can definitely see an improvement!

My first attempt at lavender macarons. The texture is too grainy.

The pink macarons in this picture are my very first attempt at creating macarons EVER.
Not too terribly bad. :)

First attempt at Chocolate Mint macarons in December 2012.
These were a big hit.

My first attempt at Chocolate Macarons in April 2013.

With Love & Confection ~ A Sweet Boutique bakery store front.
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With Love & Confection,